Igorot Idol Myrick Hilario – ABS CBN Interview in Japan

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New "Igorot Idol"  Myrick Hilario was recently interviewed by ABS-CBN in Japan. He was tagged as one of the "sikat sa youtube" idols. There were so many negative comments on his videos especially on his pronunciation which is obviously Cordilleran in nature. Regardless, his guts brought him to stardom. This guy will go a long way. I just wish that his ego remains attached to the ground. Myrick has produced albums and was called in local concerts in Japan. The negative comments are actually … [Read more...]

Venus Raj’s Major Major becomes “word of the year?”

"Major major" is now a famous line in the entertainment world thanks to Ms. Universe 4rth runner up Venus Raj. In the interview portion of the international beauty pageant She  replied, "You know what, sir, in my 22 years of existence, I can say that there's nothing major major problem that I've done in my life because I'm very confident with my family, with the love that they are giving to me. So thank you so much that I'm here. Thank you, thank you so much!" Thus the words major … [Read more...]

Abra native is first and only Pinay to pass Japan’s nursing licensure exam

MANILA — Ever Lalin, like others in the first batch of 98 nurses and caregivers who went to Japan May last year for a training stint preparatory to taking the Japanese nursing licensure exam, had no prior lessons in the Niponggo language. “Halimaw ah (A monster’s feat),” cheered nurse bloggers when it was announced last March that Ever, 34, was the only Filipino to pass the difficult licensure exam and the only foreign applicant to get it on the first try. Two Indonesians who … [Read more...]

Ygolottes’ – Successful Filipino Online Store

I am happy to say that Filipinos are now catching up and opening their minds to technological advancement. With such acceptance is the opening of new doors of opportunities to actually earn online. With today's increasing unemployment rate and with hundreds of thousands of college graduates every year, the need to explore online jobs and opportunities is a necessity. An example - During the early 1990's until early 2000, the selling of used or second hand clothes (wag-wag) was a booming … [Read more...]

Rose Cafe – Baguio’s heavenly guisado and mami to the max!

There is a place in Baguio City that offers a specialized menu that only true blooded Baguioans know. A place where simplicity defeats the purpose of ambiance. A place where waiting is worth the food. A place where visitors and tourists in Baguio should experience to complete their Baguio visit… A place we call Rose Café & Eatery. I was introduced to Rose Café’s  Mami noodles almost 3o years ago by my father. It was always his next stop right after having coffee at Dainty Restaurant … [Read more...]

LAYAD HANDICRAFTS – “the strong and sturdy”

"No guts, no glory" - this was how Angeline Malecdan of Layad Handicrafts describe the world of entrepreneurship. LAYAD handicrafts showcase unique Cordillera-inspired products. It ranges from everyday accessories like mobile phone case, ladies’ bag and coin purse, to ornamental plant hangers, to the more manly wine racks. Techniques include traditional design and “ikat” weaving in the traditional weaving loom, needle works and macramé. The producers are mostly jobless women … [Read more...]

Requirements for a Philippine Business Permit

FIND YOUR RIGHT BUSINESS NAME What’s in a name? A business name is a name under which a business operates. Business name registration is compulsory and must be completed before the business starts operating. Choosing the right name for your new business is extremely important. Your business name distinguishes your products and services from those of your competitors, and helps to establish your identity in the marketplace. REGISTERING A BUSINESS NAME WHO CAN APPLY? Filipino … [Read more...]

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