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KHUTZPA by a Phil. Embassy Official

I received this e-mail from a college friend who is working in the middle east. It is one of those stories where you would like to tear the public official into pieces. Indeed, Filipino migrant workers sometimes suffer not because of their employers or job descriptions but because of the in-excusable actions of public officials sworn to protect their liberties… READ MORE HERE…





4 Filipina Nurses Violently Gang Raped?

Recently, There was a nationwide call to bring justice to “Florence”, a young Filipina nurse who was violently raped by six men in the province of Maguindanao. The government is now “seriously investigating” the rape case after the national show of public sentiment. Then another alleged rape incident occurred. This time three Filipina nurses working in the National Guard Hospital in Riyadh were abducted by several men while they were walking towards a department store… Read more here

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  1. oh god this is very brutal. her dead body is full of blood .. i hope they catch those pigs who had raped women. i thought nurses wont get rape anymore in saudi since they are there to work and help as well. they should not send workers there anymore

  2. Hello po..i just want to ask if pwede pa akong magclaim ng maeirntty benefits. OFW po ako sa canada and 4 months pregnant..updated po ang pagbabayad ko ng SSS..they said, they must be notify 60 days from the date of conception. My consideration po ba para sa mga OFW na hindi agad makakuha ng ultrasound as a proof?

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