Mt. Pulag Prenup: Kenjie + Labnay

My 5th Mt. Pulag climb is something to cherish for a lifetime. Love... just pure love. A special moment celebrated with the majestic Mt. Pulag. Kenji is a good friend and one of our watwatworld photo and video team members. Xtal or Labnay as I call her is a town mate and a relative by law. A memorable prenup at the highest and coldest mountain in Northern Philippines. God Bless your relationship and Congratulations! If you would like to visit Mt. Pulag and witness the breathtaking "sea of … [Read more...]

Mount APO Adventure: A travel guide (part 2)

Jump Off to godi godi Our group and the participants prepared and divided our things with the porters. Migs, the head organizer of YABAG, in a brief talk, said that we will reach the first camp by night fall and it is going to be a two to three hour walk going to the entrance of the forest. Along the way, we were surprised to see that the Kapatagan trail looks like the vegetable mountains of Benguet, the so called vegetable capital of the Philippines. Potatoes, cabbages and carrots were … [Read more...]

Discover Island Garden City Of Samal: A travel guide and adventure

Samal Island is one of the most visited tourist destination in Mindanao and it is located near Davao city. Well to do travellers can rent a small boat going to Samal but for budget travellers it is best to take the “Roro boat”. At first we thought Samal Island was far but we were surprised because the island was just 10 minutes away from the Davao port. The Roro Boat entrance fee was very minimal at P10/head. Video 1 At the Samal port, your bags will be inspected for Mangoes. Because … [Read more...]

Arwana Hotel & Restaurant, Boracay, Philippines: Review

"Experience the best of paradise on a budget!" is Arwana's welcome message. Truly, you need not spend a fortune on hotel accommodation to be able to experience the best of this island paradise. Arwana is one of the few budget-friendly beachfront hotels in Boracay.  LOCATION: Beachfront Hotel at Station 3 The hotel is located  at Station 3-very well situated  in the quieter part of White Beach.It is great for those who want a peaceful scenery.It is a good  10-20 minutes walk to Station … [Read more...]

Smart’s PayITForward, helping the world one community at a time

Here is my speech during the PayItForward activity of Smart Communications. From a personal advocacy, One Nature One Community (ONOC) has now become a social group activity. I am Dean Cuanso, a community servant. My past experiences and adventures had provided me with a better understanding on how people can help restore or minimize the destruction of the environment. One solution is to involve the community directly to participatein simple environmental activities like tree planting, … [Read more...]

Pangagawan Cave, Kiangan, Ifugao : Where Big Adventures come from small tunnels

Pangagawan Cave is an undeveloped tourist spot located at the mountains of Bolog, Kiangan, Ifugao. It offers extreme spelunking experience. A must go for thrill seekers. Our group comprising  of members from various organizations headed by Real Sons and Daughters of Ifugao (RSDI) went on a tree planting activity  at Bolog, Kiangan. The event was dubbed as One Nature One Community 8, a sagip kalikasan project of the organization and was a follow up for a  series of previous tree planting … [Read more...]

Confession of a first time Diver (Discover Scuba Diving)

As a man who grew up in the mountains, the mere thought of trying to scuba dive already gave me the chills. However, since it is one of the things to do that I listed in my bucket list, I had to gather all the courage to finish this adventure. Since we were already in the Island of Boracay last July 2013, I asked my wife if I could go diving. She gave me that “really?” look but said yes since it was my birthday. And so here is my experience as a first time scuba diver. First thing, if you are … [Read more...]

One Nature One Community 7, Mt. Atugo, Hingyon, Ifugao

The one nature one community tree planting activity at the municipality of Hingyon was a success! It was a cold early morning when the group from Baguio city reached Piwong. By day break, Vice mayor Marcos Bantiyan came and we all went to his house for breakfast. By 9:00am, the group proceeded to Mt. Atugo. We were able to plant around 200 seedlings. Lunch was great! Courtesy of Barangay Captain Hangdaan Binwag and the officials of Barangay Bitu. The activity was made possible by the Real … [Read more...]

One Nature One Community 6, Tree Planting Adventure at Mt. Binhagan, Lagawe Ifugao

The recently concluded One Nature One Community 6 at Mt. Binhagan, Lagawe, Ifugao was a success. Through the efforts of RSDI-WOW-HICC, a non-stock non-profit NGO, the tree planting activity became a reality. In total, 150 Coffee seedlings and 100 Mahogany seedlings were planted. The Ifugao Provincial Police Office and the 68th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army also participated in the tree planting activity. I am very happy that the organization RSDI-WOW-HICC took an active role in … [Read more...]

BSU Nature Park Eco trail – A Family Fun

Part of the program of the second Pine Tree Festival that was held at La Trinidad, Benguet was a a visit to the Benguet State University's Nature Park located at Puguis, Longlong and to experience its eco-trail. For the first time, outsiders (non-BSU personnel)  were allowed  to walk the eco trail. It is a short distance trail but worth the experience. At the middle of the trail is an animal park where you can see monkeys, eagles, ducks, native chicken, ducks, native pigs and more. It is a good … [Read more...]