Baguio City’s Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Fortune Seafood Restaurant is located at Otek street which is a few meters walking distance from Baguio City Rizal Park. It was opened late last year (2013) and instantly became a haven for Chinese delicacy seekers. We have covered a few events at their function hall but it was only last January 31, 2013, eve of Chinese new year, that we decided to taste what this restaurant can offer. First thing, when we entered the restaurant, almost all tables were full of Chinoys. It was understandable … [Read more...]

Kung Fu Restaurant , Techno Hub, Camp John Hay, Baguio City

After weeks of waiting, we finally got to eat at the newly opened Kung Fu Restaurant at Techno Hub, Camp John hay. It was worth the wait. The Location: This restaurant is located at the "back part" of the Techno Hub center. If you are at the main road, look for Sumo Sam Restaurant and along that side of the building you will see Fog Photo, Kung Fu and Hill Station respectively. The restaurant was cozy and a little bit small. It can accommodate I guess  around 40 people at one time. The … [Read more...]

Route 55, The best RIBS and WINGS in Baguio City!

After a rough day at the shop, we decided to treat ourselves with a nice dinner. We went to Techno Hub at Camp John hay but the restaurants were full of tourists. We decided to go to Forest House instead but the waiting list was full. Having no other option, we asked the taxi driver if he can recommend a good restaurant and he suggested Route 55 at Legarda road. And so we went. At first impression, we thought it was a place for drunkards, party goers or bar hoppers because of the big signage … [Read more...]

Hill Station BISTRO, Techno Hub, John Hay, Baguio City

Last December 19, 2013, Hill Station BISTRO opened at Techno Hub, John Hay, Baguio City. The restaurant was spacious and had a good open air balcony. For dinner we had Lemon Chicken BBQ which was served on a bowl with red rice. It was ok. The Chili Dog sandwich was great. The mixture of beans and meat with spices tasted good and the chicken sausage was tender. My son had a special order of pancakes which the crew readily cooked. He also ordered one slice of deep dark choco cake which was very … [Read more...]

Chill with Azalea Baguio’s Street Food Grill

Most of us love the common street food. Much more if it was served in a hotel. Azalea Residences Baguio offers a great street food grill until December 30, 2013 from 3:00pm - 6:00pm. Aside from a clean serving, the sauces prepared by the chefs were really good and delicious. Price ranges from P10 - P20 only. Gulaman drinks are at P10. So if you are looking for a cool streetfood experience, try visiting Azalea Residences Baguio until the end of this month.                 You have to … [Read more...]

Meryenda at its finest! Only at Azalea Residences Baguio

Tradisyon Restaurant of Azalea Residences Baguio never fails to amuse me when it comes to great tasting food. I would like to give emphasis on Azalea Chocolate Pudding. The consistency of the dough was even to the tip. It was soft and the chocolate taste was not to sweet, it is perfect for health conscious people. The chocolate cover with vanilla top created a great combination. It was not a melt to the mouth doughnut but it provided a great choco-vanilla pudding experience! Oh and the best … [Read more...]

Seven Corners Restaurant, Crown Hotel Ortigas Manila: Review

After delivering the bridal flowers to our client, we decided to use the Seven Corners voucher that we purchased earlier online. To start with, Seven Corners is located at the 3rd floor of  Crown Hotel in Ortigas. It somewhat caters to the high-end market because not everybody can go and eat at the restaurant. Since it was located inside the hotel, we had to undergo strict bag and body inspection. The entrance of the restaurant was simple and we saw numerous tables elegantly fixed. Food was … [Read more...]

DADs “ultimate buffet”, Kamayan & Saisaki, More than 200 buffet choices!

Ok, I am a food lover and I love foodgasm. One factor that helps me achieve the peak level of foodgasm is buffet. And so we decided to try the "Ultimate Buffet" offered by Dad's Kamayan & Saisaki at Mandaluyong with more than 200 buffet choices. For P695, we got to enjoy so much food that I went to foodgasm paradise so many times! The list of choices is so long that is why I would rather post the pictures. As a certified foodie, I already know the eating sequence to maximize the buffet … [Read more...]

Seafood Galore at Aling Tonya’s “Paluto” Restaurant, Dampa sa Pasay

It has been three years since I last saw my old buddies Van and Del. After processing some papers at DFA, we met each other at Blue Wave, Macapagal Avenue which is just before Mall of Asia. It was an hour of laughter and "kumustahan". Both decided to give me a treat and we went to this awesome place along Macapagal Avenue which they call "Dampa sa Pasay". Incidentally, this area is just near Mall of Asia and I'm willing to bet that most visitors or tourists going to the mall are not aware that … [Read more...]

Bamboo Grill and Restaurant, Station 3, Boracay: Review

A visit to Boracay is not complete without the usual white sand beaches, good looking girls and of course... Food! If you are looking for a money's worth dinner, check out this restaurant located at Station 3. The dinner buffet is P295/person and with almost 20+ preparations to choose from, it is very well worth it. This review will concentrate on the food and location. First, Bamboo Grill is just a stone throw away from the beachfront and located at the main walk way so it is not hard to … [Read more...]