Baguio Flower Festival 2014 “Panagbenga Colorful Front Seat” Photos.

The Baguio Flower Festival Grand Street Dancing Parade 2014. It was a very colorful day. Parade participants - young and old - performed at their best for the people who were watching. As early as 4:00am, people already started to gather along Session road. By 6:30am, all the street corners of the parade route were full. The parade started exactly 8:00am and ended around 11:00am. It seemed that there were more visitors in this Panagbenga 2014 festival as compared last year. Help us promote … [Read more...]

Benguet Adivay Festival Photos and Video Highlights

This year's Adival Festival gathered the most number of people. All 13 municipalities were well represented from their own respective mayors down to the barangay officials. Also, the venue, Wangal sports complex, is almost done. Congratulations to the organizers for a job well done! Here are some photos highlighting the festival: … [Read more...]


I love shawarma! During the late 1990's a Shawarma meal is a luxury in Baguio City but more than a decade later, it became a street food. I have to be honest, every time I hear Session Road in Bloom during Panagbenga Flower Festival, the first thing that comes to my mind is "Shawarma time". I thought I was the only one who thinks like this but I was wrong, it seems a lot Panagbenga followers think the same. Back in 2010, I also made an article entitled " PANAGBENGA SHAWARMA Road IN BLOOM" … [Read more...]

Sagada Etag Festival Adventure 2012

DECAT ACTIVITY REPORT:  Decat and Watwatworld participated in many activities during the Sagada Etag Festival and we made a very good impression. DAY 1: In Feb 1, when we arrived, we went to Ligaya's Country Log Cabin. It is a very cozy and romantic place. After leaving our things, we immediately went to the municipal hall. We first went to the office of the Chairman of the Festival, the Vice mayor for a courtesy call. It was a good timing because most of the councilors were also there, … [Read more...]