Mt. Pulag Prenup: Kenjie + Labnay

My 5th Mt. Pulag climb is something to cherish for a lifetime. Love... just pure love. A special moment celebrated with the majestic Mt. Pulag. Kenji is a good friend and one of our watwatworld photo and video team members. Xtal or Labnay as I call her is a town mate and a relative by law. A memorable prenup at the highest and coldest mountain in Northern Philippines. God Bless your relationship and Congratulations! If you would like to visit Mt. Pulag and witness the breathtaking … [Read more...]

La Trinidad Strawberry Festival 2013 Street Dancing Competition (Complete)

One of the Festival's highlight was the "street dancing" competition. Eight groups whose members are from the different barangays of La Trinidad participated in the event. The street dancing performance started at the Police outpost along km6 and ended at km 5 in front of Mc Donalds. The judges were stationed at the shed fronting the food establishment. On my estimate, thousands came to watch the street dancing performances. The cultural dances were good and we saw that the participants … [Read more...]

Pedped, the indigenous cigar of Benguet Province

Pedped is a traditional cigarette in the mountains of Benguet. It is composed of dried pedped leaves (mountain leaves) and tobacco mixed and rolled in paper. It is not a drug. Although it smells like Canavis Sativa, or marijuana when lighted, it does not affect the brain. Some say that Pedped came about because when tobacco was being smoked decades ago, it was so strong. To "lighten up" the strong taste and feel of tobacco smoke, some experimented in adding dried leaves and soon they found the … [Read more...]

Benguet Adivay Festival Photos and Video Highlights

This year's Adival Festival gathered the most number of people. All 13 municipalities were well represented from their own respective mayors down to the barangay officials. Also, the venue, Wangal sports complex, is almost done. Congratulations to the organizers for a job well done! Here are some photos highlighting the festival: … [Read more...]


“Batad Stone Terraces is one of the most majestic places I have visited, it is worth the hours of hike and gallons of sweat!” – Dean Visiting the Batad Stone Terraces of Banaue, Ifugao has been in my list since the first time I visited Banaue more than a decade ago. There had been 3 more attempts but all ended up in Banaue, this time it became a reality. This is my story… this is my adventure…discovering Batad. After our One Nature One Community tree planting with the … [Read more...]

Mt. Pulag and the mystical town of Kabayan, Benguet (2nd of 3)

After the Pulag adventure, we went back to Kabayan to experience the "Bendian (bendiyan)Festival".  There were several programs and activities during the festival. But let me start by describing our experience with the people of Kabayan. First and foremost, we would like to say our big thank you and appreciation to the Municipal Officials led by Mayor Faustino Aquisan for accommodating our group. Kabayan is the "Ibaloi" center of Benguet and unlike the stories we've heard, Kabayan people are … [Read more...]

Mt. Pulag and the mystical town of Kabayan, Benguet (1st of 3)

Last April, we were fortunate to witness the Kabayan Bendian (bendiyan)Festival of 2012. It was a weekend full of fun and excitement. April 27 was the start of our adventure. I made an open call to those who would like to join the Kabayan adventure from April 27 to May 1 but only a few confirmed. In total, there were 12 of us on the way to Kabayan in the morning of April 27. By 10am, we arrived at the Municipality of Kabayan - made a courtesy call to Mayor Faustino Aquisan - ate early lunch - … [Read more...]

Sagada Etag Festival Adventure 2012

DECAT ACTIVITY REPORT:  Decat and Watwatworld participated in many activities during the Sagada Etag Festival and we made a very good impression. DAY 1: In Feb 1, when we arrived, we went to Ligaya's Country Log Cabin. It is a very cozy and romantic place. After leaving our things, we immediately went to the municipal hall. We first went to the office of the Chairman of the Festival, the Vice mayor for a courtesy call. It was a good timing because most of the councilors were also there, … [Read more...]

“Overnight Gongs”

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