Pedped, the indigenous cigar of Benguet Province

Pedped is a traditional cigarette in the mountains of Benguet. It is composed of dried pedped leaves (mountain leaves) and tobacco mixed and rolled in paper. It is not a drug. Although it smells like Canavis Sativa, or marijuana when lighted, it does not affect the brain. Some say that Pedped came about because when tobacco was being smoked decades ago, it was so strong. To "lighten up" the strong taste and feel of tobacco smoke, some experimented in adding dried leaves and soon they found the … [Read more...]

Res Toe Run – Appetite for shoes

Someone told me about a establishment that serves sandals as appetizer and shoes for dinner. I ask him if it was delicious and he simply said "try it yourself"! So I had to go see this establishment called "Res Toe Run" located at Technohub inside Camp John Hay, Baguio City. At first I was looking for a restaurant but to my surprise it was a shoe store with a new concept or presentation. It is like a restaurant but instead of food being served, shoes, slippers and sandals are on the … [Read more...]


Have you seen the latest ice cream commercial of Selecta? If you have, then you might have already tasted “magnum”. My favorite magnum ice cream is the chocolate almonds. It is sweet and nutty. As compared to the usual pinipig, magnum is creamier. I understand that the concept of the magnum commercial is to encourage the public to have a taste of the Belgian chocolate that is surrounding the creamy ice cream. It was presented in a way that the person watching the commercial would … [Read more...]


I love shawarma! During the late 1990's a Shawarma meal is a luxury in Baguio City but more than a decade later, it became a street food. I have to be honest, every time I hear Session Road in Bloom during Panagbenga Flower Festival, the first thing that comes to my mind is "Shawarma time". I thought I was the only one who thinks like this but I was wrong, it seems a lot Panagbenga followers think the same. Back in 2010, I also made an article entitled " PANAGBENGA SHAWARMA Road IN BLOOM" … [Read more...]

My BIG Cactus!

Marketing With A Cactus Every Business Has A Marketing Strategy! Yeah I know… That cactus is bigger than what you have planted. Hehehe. Anyway, I took this photo during the 2008 Baguio Panagbenga festival at Session Rd. This cactus was the darling of the crown and has proven itself as a show stopper. Hundreds of visitors stop to look at the proud and  good looking cactus and for every stop, the owner of the booth offers them some products for sale. His cactus is definitely helping him … [Read more...]