Second Philippine PINE TREE Festival’s Schedule of Activities (Dec 14 & 15)

(PLEASE SHARE THE FESTIVAL SCHEDULE) Here is the schedule of activities for the second Philippine Pine Tree Festival that will be held at La Trinidad, Benguet on December 14 and 15, 2012. Everybody is invited to join and participate in the event. Attention all members,  friends, supporters and lover of trees, we are inviting you to join us for the Pine Tree Festival PARADE on December 14, Friday, 7am from KM5 Municipal Hall to San Jose Church, KM6. All tree and nature lovers are invited to … [Read more...]

The fight for Baguio’s 182 trees on deathrow and the struggle against corporate greed shall go on

by Karlo Marko Altomonte on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 7:43pm, "WHEREFORE, judgement is hereby rendered DISMISSING the Complaints dated February 23, 2012 and April 13, 2012 and the Amended Urgent Petition to Cite Defendant for Contempt dated April 20, 2012." - ANTONIO M. ESTEVEZ, Presiding Judge In a decision dated December 3, 2012, … [Read more...]

My Stand On The Luneta Hill Issue (Save 182 Trees)

I have been asked so many times about this issue and what is my stand? First of all, I am a lover of trees. I grew up playing with the trees and tree branches, picking up pine cones and making them into Christmas pine trees, collecting the sticky pine tree nectar to use as leaf paste and more. We used to collect the pine needles and put it on a sack and use it as a pillow or bed foams during outings or outdoor  camps. During hot summer day, we use the trees as shelters and  during windy … [Read more...]

SM Started The Unthinkable at the Expense of the Trees

A few hours ago, we shed tears... After receiving a message that trees were already being cut by SM Employees, we immediately proceeded to SM, it was 12'oclock midnight. When we arrived, a group of young and old were already there trying to talk to the "tree cutters". From a distance we could hear the sound of numerous "popping" hammers. The entire balcony of SM Baguio was covered with big ply woods. Luneta Hill was also surrounded with big GI Sheets, Ply woods and plastic covers. The SM … [Read more...]


I was shocked to see a local newspaper with the headline "BSU to cut 50,000 trees for its housing project". I immediately bought the paper and read the details. Mayor Abalos said they were surprised when some of those who were awarded land in that forested area came and were trying to apply for building permits. Accordingly, former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo signed Proclamation number 637 reserving 132,509 square meters of the forested area for housing purposes that will benefit BSU … [Read more...]

March 5, 2012 Public Hearing on Saving 182 Trees (A MUST READ)

These are my notes from the second session to hear out the sides of SM, the involved government agencies, and "the oppositors".  More time was allocated for SM and the concerned government agencies to answer the questions from the Baguio City Council members.  These noted were taken down in their order, but I strongly advice readers to ask the secretary to the Baguio City Council for the transcriptions.  I'm presenting these per topic, from the notes I gathered & questions & reactions … [Read more...]

Giving Life to Trees and A Park

Giving Life to Trees and A Park Planting and Nurturing Trees, Saving a Park By: Dr. Michael Bengwayan (This is what we and the SLU-NSTP students have been doing, even during the two days of Panagbenga shows. Shame to Anthony de Leon of Baguio Country Club and Mayor Mauricio Domogan for insinuating we were out to create problems on Panagbenga). SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY NATIONAL SERVICE TRAINING PROGRAM SCHOOL OF TEACHER EDUCATION Gonzaga Campus, Gen. Luna Rd., Baguio City Tel: … [Read more...]


PEOPLE PRAYER AGAINST SM: Stations of the Trees...JOIN! us March 23 To :_All Groups and Individuals Who Want to Save the Trees of Baguio and are against SM's Expansion From :Association of Women Religious of Baguio-Benguet In the Spirit of the Lenten Season, the Association of Women Religious of Baguio-Benguet ,with our Bishop, Carlito Cenzon, invite all the residents and lovers of Baguio , City of Pines ,to join us in a PRAYER RALLY : “PASSION OF BAGUIO, PINES CITY” . The theme of … [Read more...]

The Fight is Now in Good Hands

The Fight is Now in Good Hands, Allow me to Move on..... My dear friends, This is Michael A. Bengwayan, director of the Cordillera Ecological Center--PINE TREE (Project Initiating Employment through Training in Environmental Enterprises) and founder and moderator of FB group A Tree A Day but whose Fb name Michael A. Bengwayan was earlier closed by a hacker. I am recreating my page again. Exactly, 47 days (January 8, 2012) ago, I wrote a petition asking for concerned people here and … [Read more...]