A Bugs Life @ One Baguio, One Photography

The La Trinidad Shutterbugs ("bugs") attended the recently concluded One Baguio, One Photography event held at the old Diplomat Hotel, Dominican Hill, Baguio city. Everyone enjoyed the open shoot and two of the Bugs won top recognitions from among the 160 participant photographers, They are Apay Gamin and Remi Roque. Here is a video link  of the One Baguio, One Photography Awarding. (Video Credits: Joseph Carantes tagle)- http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=465528693458498 The Bugs at … [Read more...]

One Baguio, One Photography Experience 2012

Last June 24, 2012, I had the chance to join the second One Baguio, One Photography event held at the old Diplomat building, Dominican Hill. The event was organized by Topper Capuyan and company. There were 180 registered photographers from Baguio City, La Trinidad and neighboring provinces. Around 60 models with different attires and costumes also participated in the open shoot. Hair and make-up artists were present to provide free services for the models. It was fine day for a fun shoot. I … [Read more...]

Ash Yago Velasco Photography

Photography is an art that you have to be born with. If your eyes doesn’t capture the beauty of what you are about to click, its hard to imagine that your camera will. Some may argue it’s the quality of the camera that makes the difference. If you have the passion for photography, it really doesn’t matter what camera you have in your hand. But you need both skill and tools to be producing top quality images which would live up to expectations. For most photography is a passion. Among them … [Read more...]

The La Trinidad Shutterbugs

The La Trinidad Shutterbugs (LTSB) is a group of photography enthusiasts that bonded together to share their love of photography. They have been into a lot of photography shoots from nature to cars to models to food...name it and they have shot it! Although most of them are relatively young, these shutters have dedicated their time to learn the basics of photography and advance themselves by teaching each other and going back to school to learn advance photo editing. The shutterbugs of La … [Read more...]

Xenon Photography and more!

Xenon Personalized crafts, owned and operated by ClayreCobcoboChaokas II,  has started as on online business for a year until it has finally gained its permit to legally transact business with government, private and individual costumers. Xenon Personalized Crafts provides the following improved services and products: Personalized printing T-shirts Mugs Stickers Tarpaulins Posters Etc. Invitations Calling cards And others Wedding and events coverage Computer … [Read more...]

Behind Edson’s Lens

Edson Kurt Molintas  is a member of the La Trinidad ShutterBugs. He is a Hobbyist. He tried Portrait, landscape, still exploring in covering events such as wedding, Birthday, Baptismal etc. He learned my Basic Photography (and still learning) through sharing..reading..watching.. listening and applying what does my mentors and co Shooters suggest/tells me. I even learned through e books, books, magazines, and surfing the internet. He believe that.. "what see's the eyes captures … [Read more...]

The Shutters of Killua

Killua, A photographer and a lover of music, is not the everyday photographer you will meet. He has this strong aura of a photographer's presence yet kind enough to share his knowledge in photography. Killua has taken photos in many countries particularly in London where he studied and worked. He also does event photography such as weddings, baptisms and other special occasions. Check out his professional works at: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1104223170 Here are some of his … [Read more...]

Alankar M. Rai, Photographer

About the Photographer Alan Studied photography at SAE Jordan under well-known US photographer Brian Scannell. Was Contributing Photographer for Go Magazine – Jordan (the prime travel magazine of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan) from its inception in 2010 until 2011 end. While in Jordan, volunteered at the Teresian Association-Amman and was the Official photographer for the Independence Day Celebrations at Philippine Embassy-Amman in 2011. Concurrently, worked for national as well as … [Read more...]

Cysar’s World

Profile: Cysar is a Classic pick up artist using his skills in photography as a much needed leverage. Here are some of his works:     … [Read more...]