Baguio Artists Forest Park – the new beginning of “Libingan”

There is a new artist haven in Baguio City and it opened itself to the world through series of tree planting activities. In 1997, The family of Hantos (popularly pronounced as Santos), a native of Ifugao, started to plant mahogany trees. They got their seedlings from Baguio City and nearby lowland areas then transported them to Ifugao for planting. In 2000, Mrs. Lulu Gene De Guia noticed the efforts of the family and the community. She gave P5,000 initial fund which was used to … [Read more...]

One Nature, One Community 2 “let a thousand tree seedlings bloom” A SUCCESS!

The activity was a success! Almost 200 nature lovers went to the Puguis Longlong Communal park and planted some 500 pine tree and 100 caliandra seedlings. The 500 seedlings that were earlier planted last July 28 was also inspected and tree guards were provided around them. The activity was earlier scheduled on July 28, 2012 but due to the bad weather, we had to postpone and move the date to September 02, 2012. It was a good decision. The weather was great for tree planting and parenting! The … [Read more...]