How to detect an online buyer-scammer

Online Marketing is the new frontier for entrepreneurship. Almost anything and everything can be sold online. As online marketers we have experienced a lot of difficulties especially when it comes to the amount of shipping and the assurance that our product will reach the customer in time and in good condition. The worldwide market is not only full of scrupulous sellers but also buyers who are good in what I call as "buy-scam" or the skill of buying a product online at a minimal cost and … [Read more...]


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You might be wondering why so many people act STUPID, IDIOT, FUNNY or ANNOYING in Youtube… simple, they earn hundreds of thousands of dollars!

How do people earn on Youtube? I have this question running in my mind since the early years of this social video website. Back in the days, there were no ads on videos  so earning on youtube means direct marketing on the part of the video maker. A few years ago, Youtube started its ads campaign and shared part of the income to the Youtube partner. Today, there are so many video makers enjoying thousands of dollars worth of advertisement commissions per month. However, if you will review the … [Read more...]

Blogging vs Network Marketing : Which has the longer lifespan?

While waiting for my grandmother who is attending the 50th anniversary of Bell Church, I got my notepad and started writing when a couple of young women  in dancing outfits -  mini skirts and high heels - started to cluster not so very far from me-a distracting sight when trying to write an article.  oh well... Today I will write about an online "job" called blogging. I have been employed for 5 years in the marketing sector. At one point in my short marketing career, I was able to sell … [Read more...]

Google gave me $100.20 (P4,520.00), you can have it too!

Earning money online is not as hard as you think. All you need is proper guidance and dedication to learn the different ways on how to earn using the internet. I received my latest online payment worth $100.20 from Google Adsense. It is not as big as the earnings of lawyers, engineers, politicians or doctors  but still, that additional amount on the budget can already pay for the city services like electricity, water bill, internet services and cellphone load. You can earn this amount too … [Read more...] estimated worth is $743.53. estimated worth is $1,175.30

It was just for fun when we checked the estimated worth of the websites and We were amazed to see that these websites are already worth that much although the estimated price varies depending on the website estimate provider. estimated to be worth $743.53. On the other hand, estimated to be $1,175.30. When we started igorotvideos and watwatworld in 2009, there were a lot of … [Read more...]

Ygolottes’ – Successful Filipino Online Store

I am happy to say that Filipinos are now catching up and opening their minds to technological advancement. With such acceptance is the opening of new doors of opportunities to actually earn online. With today's increasing unemployment rate and with hundreds of thousands of college graduates every year, the need to explore online jobs and opportunities is a necessity. An example - During the early 1990's until early 2000, the selling of used or second hand clothes (wag-wag) was a booming … [Read more...]


Blogging nowadays is one of the best self advertising tool readily available online. It is a new form of media where you can talk or share something about your profession and work and by doing so, you can earn from it. Blogging, in my definition, is expression of thoughts, feelings, intelligence and creativity though writing and having it published online. A blog is simply a collection of your written articles  and found in a single weblog or website. You can create your own free blog using … [Read more...]


It is no secret  that surfing the internet is now the number one hobby of students worldwide. From grade school pupils  to those taking up doctorate, online surfing is a trendy reality. With this in mind, can students actually earn while surfing the internet? Or is it better to go traditional and become a working student in fast food restaurants as waiters or cleaners? Today, there is another type of student job and it does not require going through interviews or unpaid probationary … [Read more...]

How to make money while doing Facebook

I was asked this question by a watwatworld follower who is also a Facebook fanatic. I had to pause for a while before saying the truth - there is no shortcuts in earning online. Just like any other profession or business, you have to learn, study and experience the trade before you can actually earn while surfing your favorite social networking site. However, learning how to make money online is actually easy if you put a little bit of your time and dedication to it. There are many simple … [Read more...]