Blogging vs Network Marketing : Which has the longer lifespan?

While waiting for my grandmother who is attending the 50th anniversary of Bell Church, I got my notepad and started writing when a couple of young women  in dancing outfits -  mini skirts and high heels - started to cluster not so very far from me-a distracting sight when trying to write an article.  oh well... Today I will write about an online "job" called blogging. I have been employed for 5 years in the marketing sector. At one point in my short marketing career, I was able to sell … [Read more...]

Divisoria, Binondo, China Town…

You will notice the big difference in mall prices once you have been to divisoria. Looking at the right places and location, you could find a nice looking bag sold for P100 and has a mall price of P500! Same design, same factory, different marketing techniques. I am really fond in going to Divisoria, even if I will only purchase a pair of socks because I discover something new every time I visit that place. For businessmen and traders, Divisoria is a convenient and cheap place to look for raw … [Read more...]