Blogging vs Network Marketing : Which has the longer lifespan?

While waiting for my grandmother who is attending the 50th anniversary of Bell Church, I got my notepad and started writing when a couple of young women  in dancing outfits -  mini skirts and high heels - started to cluster not so very far from me-a distracting sight when trying to write an article.  oh well... Today I will write about an online "job" called blogging. I have been employed for 5 years in the marketing sector. At one point in my short marketing career, I was able to sell … [Read more...]

How to make money while doing Facebook

I was asked this question by a watwatworld follower who is also a Facebook fanatic. I had to pause for a while before saying the truth - there is no shortcuts in earning online. Just like any other profession or business, you have to learn, study and experience the trade before you can actually earn while surfing your favorite social networking site. However, learning how to make money online is actually easy if you put a little bit of your time and dedication to it. There are many simple … [Read more...]

Requirements for a Philippine Business Permit

FIND YOUR RIGHT BUSINESS NAME What’s in a name? A business name is a name under which a business operates. Business name registration is compulsory and must be completed before the business starts operating. Choosing the right name for your new business is extremely important. Your business name distinguishes your products and services from those of your competitors, and helps to establish your identity in the marketplace. REGISTERING A BUSINESS NAME WHO CAN APPLY? Filipino … [Read more...]

Ang Baboy Mo Ay Pera

Raising swine/pigs is actually a good business and profitable too as long as you give proper attention to the following: 1. Ask your barangay captain about the permisibility of farming in your place. You could end up spending on buildings, utilities, etc. only to find out that you won’t be able to operate because your community will not permit it. If permisible, secure the necessary barangay permit. 2. Secure the necessary environmental certificate from DENR. That means you have to comply … [Read more...]

Multi Million Malunggay Business

Believe it or not, that small floating leaf found in your soup is judged to be the most powerful plant leaf on earth! So many researches have been made and established about the benefits of malungay or moringa. In western countries like the United States, malungay is considered as a “miracle” plant and believe me, that local leaf found almost anywhere in the Philippines is sold expensively unimaginable in the western countries. Decades ago, moringa was introduced to me as an additive in a … [Read more...]

Divisoria, Binondo, China Town…

You will notice the big difference in mall prices once you have been to divisoria. Looking at the right places and location, you could find a nice looking bag sold for P100 and has a mall price of P500! Same design, same factory, different marketing techniques. I am really fond in going to Divisoria, even if I will only purchase a pair of socks because I discover something new every time I visit that place. For businessmen and traders, Divisoria is a convenient and cheap place to look for raw … [Read more...]

Ang Cactus Mo Ay Pera!

Yeah I know… That cactus is bigger than what you have planted. Hehehe. Anyway, I took this photo during the 2008 Baguio Panagbenga festival at Session Rd. This cactus was the darling of the crown and has proven itself as a show stopper. Hundreds of visitors stop to look at the proud and  good looking cactus and for every stop, the owner of the booth offers them some products for sale. His cactus is definitely helping him sell.  The owner of the booth made their small space stand out on the … [Read more...]

Benguet can earn P1 billion from coffee

“EACH province might only have to do 100 or 80 hectares, each town might only have to do 10 or 20 hectares, it is small if we look at it but if we put them all together there is one billion sitting in Benguet and it does not come from the mines, it comes from coffee.” This was according to Pacita Juan, co-chairperson of the Philippine Coffee Board Inc. during the coffee tree planting last July at the BSU Nature Park in Bektey, Puguis to launch the Pilipinas Gising at Magkape (PGAM) program … [Read more...]

Cops spearhead malunggay enterprise

MANILA, Philippines – The local police of Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan have found a new role. In coordination with local government and the Gawad Kalinga community, the law enforcers launched an economic program aimed at helping residents find additional sources of income. Sta. Barbara Police Chief Superintendent Eric Noble said the program, dubbed as “Kalayaan ng Kababaihan sa Kahirapan” (KKK), has started a malunggay enterprise as part of the Independence Day celeb-ration in the … [Read more...]

Growing the world’s most expensive coffee

THE promotional cost of a cup of civet coffee in some Asian trade conventions was US$5. In London, a cup of the same brew cost US$99. That makes this coffee brew the most expensive in the world today. Certainly, that is more than an encouragement to enterprising Asian coffee farmers where civet cats are found to cash in on this latest fad. The emerging interest on civet coffee will demand sufficient supply and ultimately challenges producers to sustain a promising and highly profitable … [Read more...]