10 Basic Tips to Enjoy A Mt. Pulag Climb

Good morning, I am an occasional mountain dweller, traveler, hotel and food reviewer and  adventure enthusiast. Today, I am going to share some basic tips to survive and enjoy a Mount Pulag climb or any organized climb for that matter.   Tip no 1. Be sure to be Physically Prepared If you are suffering from any medical illness which prevents you from doing extraneous exercises OR if your doctor advises you against such activities, please do conceded and follow your doctor. If … [Read more...]

Secret Chat Mode and Decline Invites Feature Now Available on KakaoTalk

Offering Users Even More Privacy and Chat Options... Daum Kakao (co-CEOs Saehoon Choi and Sirgoo Lee) introduced Secret Chat mode and Decline Invites features for KakaoTalk, adding even greater privacy and protection to the popular mobile messaging platform. Available upon updating to the newest version of KakaoTalk, the new features provide users with increased options on how communications are carried out – and with whom – resulting in a more satisfying chatting experience. With … [Read more...]

Watwatworld Friendship and Discovery Mt. Pulag Climb, 09.13-14.2014

"Before I leave home let me thank again my Watwat World Teammates. Like I said, we can always come back for sunsets and sunrises and rolling clouds, but we'll never have a Pulag Climb under typhoon signal no.2. It was awesome being with you guys. Thank you for taking care of a 50-year old hiker" - Jogin Tamayo. My 6th Mt. Pulag climb was a greater adventure than I imagined. After weeks of preparing for the 1st watwatworld friendship and discovery climb bound for Mt. Pulag, the day came for … [Read more...]

Beestop Baguio Opening

I was invited to check out the latest fast food joint in Baguio City, the Beestop which is located on the building just beside SLU Mcdo . First thing, the colors used in this establishment looks familiar, even the uniform of the crew. August 11 was the opening day and I was greeted with smiles from the crew. The area was spacious and a little bit hot. As for the food, I tasted the Honey chicken, burger and a slice of graham cake. It was nice. What I loved was the small slice of graham cake and … [Read more...]

Colorful Panagbenga 2014 Grand Float Festival

It was a great day! Following the successful grand street parade, the float parade featured the different highland flowers carefully decorated on vehicles. People came as early as 4am to secure a good location to watch the float parade. We even saw some foreign tourists climb stone walls just to take a glimpse of the float parade. Help us promote our local festivals by liking our FB page: Watwatworld Documentaries Here are some of the colorful Floats of the Baguio City Panangbenga Flower … [Read more...]

Baguio Flower Festival 2014 “Panagbenga Colorful Front Seat” Photos.

The Baguio Flower Festival Grand Street Dancing Parade 2014. It was a very colorful day. Parade participants - young and old - performed at their best for the people who were watching. As early as 4:00am, people already started to gather along Session road. By 6:30am, all the street corners of the parade route were full. The parade started exactly 8:00am and ended around 11:00am. It seemed that there were more visitors in this Panagbenga 2014 festival as compared last year. Help us promote … [Read more...]

Baguio City’s Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Fortune Seafood Restaurant is located at Otek street which is a few meters walking distance from Baguio City Rizal Park. It was opened late last year (2013) and instantly became a haven for Chinese delicacy seekers. We have covered a few events at their function hall but it was only last January 31, 2013, eve of Chinese new year, that we decided to taste what this restaurant can offer. First thing, when we entered the restaurant, almost all tables were full of Chinoys. It was understandable … [Read more...]

Panagbenga 2014 Colorful Opening Parade and TIPS For Panagbenga visitors

February 1, 2014, 8:00am, Baguio City. It was a cold morning when the opening parade of the 2014 Baguio Flower Festival started. The Philippine Military Academy was first in the line followed by the City Officials and the Festival Committee. This year's opening parade was composed of the different Barangay officials in their "floral" uniforms and eleven (11) elementary schools who were competing with each other. The parade was colorful but short as compared to the earlier Panagbenga openings. … [Read more...]

Kung Fu Restaurant , Techno Hub, Camp John Hay, Baguio City

After weeks of waiting, we finally got to eat at the newly opened Kung Fu Restaurant at Techno Hub, Camp John hay. It was worth the wait. The Location: This restaurant is located at the "back part" of the Techno Hub center. If you are at the main road, look for Sumo Sam Restaurant and along that side of the building you will see Fog Photo, Kung Fu and Hill Station respectively. The restaurant was cozy and a little bit small. It can accommodate I guess  around 40 people at one time. The … [Read more...]

Route 55, The best RIBS and WINGS in Baguio City!

After a rough day at the shop, we decided to treat ourselves with a nice dinner. We went to Techno Hub at Camp John hay but the restaurants were full of tourists. We decided to go to Forest House instead but the waiting list was full. Having no other option, we asked the taxi driver if he can recommend a good restaurant and he suggested Route 55 at Legarda road. And so we went. At first impression, we thought it was a place for drunkards, party goers or bar hoppers because of the big signage … [Read more...]