96 year old man writes a love song for his late wife of 73 years: Very Touching and Full of Love

I came accross this video of a 96 year old man who wrote a love song for his wife who passed last April at 91 years old. They met in 1938. According to the news, Fred Stobaugh felt he had to make a song for his late wife Lorraine. He was able to write the lyrics and create the melody but did not know how to make the music. He chanced upon a local newspaper and saw that an Illinois-based music production outfit named Green Shoe Studio is running a competition for unsung talent. Since he does … [Read more...]

Watwatworld Livelihood Program in Tuba, Benguet

Watwatworld is active in community relations and livelihood programs. We were invited to teach Paperbead making and flower creation under the arts and crafts livelihood program of the alternative learning and training school based in Tuba, Benguet. The participants were mostly women who are looking for alternative or additional souces of income and they were excited to learn our  method of creating marble style paper beads and flower crafts. Before we started the training, I gave them a … [Read more...]

” Old Man Cigar “

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