This coming year, watwatworld will be featuring the best restaurants, hotels, inns and places that Baguio and Cordillera can offer. The online promotion will be dubbed “the best 20” each covering a particular area for the year 2013.

The feature will be in the form of a review. Watwatworld will be given the chance to experience what the place has to offer and in return will provide an honest and detailed review that can help the managers and owners in the promotion and advertisement of the business.

We are looking forward to schedule a feature and review of your establishment/business startingJanuary 2013. If you are interested to reserve a tentative calendar date and for more information, please e-mail or text/call 09065882027.



→Do you like to boost up your sales and increase the number of your clients?

→Do you want to promote and advertise your business, products, place or people in a media concept that is proven?

→Do you want to create a brand name that will expand the reach of your market?


Watwatworld Online Marketing has been helping start-up businesses and entrepreneurs in promoting and advertising products, businesses, events, places,  people and more through our blog websites, social media exposures, videos and photographs. Since 2007, through our small group seminars, hundreds have participated and learned the beauty of online marketing . Now, it is high time to introduce this concept to those who are willing.

We have conducted livelihood programs, promoted start-up businesses, documented people, events and festivals, photographed food, models and restaurants, featured businesses and reviewed different hotels and inns from simple native huts to the luxurious hotel rooms. And the beauty of our reviews are advertised and promoted not once, not twice but for the whole year and the years to come! That is the power of watwatworld online marketing.

We propose the following:

1. Documentation of your products, business, place etc. through interviews and documentation using video and/or photography;

2. Advertisement and promotion as a featured article in one of Philippines top blog;

3. Unlimited blog article lifetime advertisement and promotion;

4. You get to have soft copies of the photos taken. You can choose the best photos you want, print it and use it for your business.

The best thing in this offer is that we are conducting these reviews in a minimal expense as compared to corporate media exposures. Very… very minimal.

If you are interested, please text/call 09065882027 or email:

* is a premier blogsite that started in 2007 and is based in Baguio city. It is one of Cordillera’s most visited travel and feature blog and a top performer in Philippine Top Blogs.

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