Watwatworld: Back To Work

20160303_131223It has been a while since I wrote an article or blog post. I few years ago, I wanted to quit blogging and just continue with my regular day job but a friend told me to hold on and that’s what I did. For almost 2 years I just paid for the monthly  maintenance of this blog and was about to continue doing so for another year or more not until I heard what Ms. Maria Ressa, founder and CEO of Rappler had to say during a telecommunication summit held at Azalea Residences last March 3 & 4, 2016. I listened to Rappler’s history, how it started, how it utilized social media and the use of internet connectivity, how things will change in the near future and how to earn using these different platforms. I waited for her to finish her talk and approached her, asked a few questions (which she readily answered) and instantly, I was inspired to get back into blogging, social media marketing and build my online presence back.

Watwatworld is a pioneer Cordillera blog and will soon start to feature what this province has to offer. I’m back inspired and motivated!

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    Watwatworld: Back To Work

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    Watwatworld: Back To Work

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    Watwatworld: Back To Work

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