Beestop Baguio Opening

I was invited to check out the latest fast food joint in Baguio City, the Beestop which is located on the building just beside SLU Mcdo . First thing, the colors used in this establishment looks familiar, even the uniform of the crew. August 11 was the opening day and I was greeted with smiles from the crew. The area was spacious and a little bit hot. As for the food, I tasted the Honey chicken, burger and a slice of graham cake. It was nice. What I loved was the small slice of graham cake and the mustard on the burger. My review on this establishment was cut short, an update will soon come. Below are some pictures taken during the opening day.

SAM_2051 SAM_2052 SAM_2053 SAM_2054 SAM_2055 SAM_2056 SAM_2057 SAM_2058 SAM_2059 SAM_2060 SAM_2061 SAM_2062 SAM_2063 SAM_2064 SAM_2065 SAM_2066 SAM_2067

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    Beestop Baguio Opening

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