From FB to Murder. Justice for 15 year old Ericka! A lesson to all

Note: This is an off topic from the usual watwatworld blog posts but I feel I must share the story for everyone to learn from. The father of the victim is a close family relative.

Ericka: the name of the victim, a family member by association, recently turned 15 last July, an active church youth, grade 8 student of Pines National High School was found dead with 21 stab wounds in Pacdal, Baguio City. Gruesome.

We were working last  Monday when Ericka’s mother and older sister came to say something. They have been searching and asking for Ericka in their Barangay, close friends, classmates and decided they will go around the city to post a “missing girl” poster. Ericka has been missing for a few days.

When they were at the Pacdal Barangay hall to paste the poster, someone said that the girl on the picture looked like the unidentified body found earlier that day in a mountain side and was brought to La Paz Funeral homes. Crossing their fingers, they went to La Paz to identify the victim and she was Ericka.

The Police examined her body and found out that she was dead for at least three days. That afternoon, the father of Ericka called and told me the sad news. I proceeded to La Paz and saw how devastated they were. Her older sister was crying near the morgue and her father and mother were hugging and crying. It was an unpleasant event to see. After a brief talk with the father, I went downstairs to talk to the investigating officers.

When the Police left, we had to settle with La Paz for two days of “huling paalam”. On Thursday, the body of Ericka will be transported to Laguna, her mother’s hometown.

The Initial Story: Ericka was like any other teenager. Makulit, malambing, maalalahanin. A good sister to her siblings and according to her classmates, funny and mabait. All descriptions were positive. One day, she met someone in Facebook. An older guy. This guy courted her and became her boyfriend. According to her friends and classmates, her attitude changed when she began dating with her “boyfriend”. From being funny and mabait in school, she started to stare away in the middle of the class and sometimes cry in between. Her parents noticed and they found out about the relationship when they saw text message conversations between the two.

The natural reaction of Ericka’s parents and family were to stop the relationship between the two. The parents asked her about the man’s name and according to her, the man’s name was Jay Odellubre, a call center agent. Immediately we did a search online using Google and Facebook and found no one with that particular name useful for identification. The parents continued to ask around and someone said that they saw the man who Ericka was with at the University of Baguio. And so with the help of a Kagawad, they went to UB to do a search and through the records saw the real name of the man was Jason Rebolledo who was 23 years old.

The parents accompanied Ericka to DSWD, Medical exam, Police and filed a case for Seduction of Minor. Allegedly, their relationship started in Facebook with Jayson courting Ericka. A 23 year old courting an 8th grader.

One week after, she went missing. Her parents searched everywhere and even asked the assistance of the Police and the DSWD. Last monday, her body was found at a mountain side at Amsing, Pacdal, Baguio city with multiple stab wounds, 11 on her face.

As of this post, the suspect lawyered up and together with his parents surrendered to the Police. According to Bombo Radyo the suspect Jason Rebolledo has 2 children and his wife is pregnant. ( Naamuan a simmuko itay laeng agsapa ti nasao a suspek a nabigbig a ni Jason Rebolledo, 23-anyos, addaan iti dua nga anak ken masikog pay ti asawana, ken residente sadiay Pacdal, Baguio City. – See more at: He is now being questioned at the Baguio City Police Office.

Points to Ponder: 

1. Ericka’s parents are hard working. The father is a skilled laborer and the mother is a vendor. None of them are alcoholic, on drugs or gamble. They are the usual parents trying hard to survive bring food to the table and keep their kids in school. I saw how they took care of their kids. Urging them to join church activities and trying their best to support the education of their children. Those who know the family can say that the parents are doing their best and it is unfair for  people to judge them without knowing the real story. They are not perfect parents but they are trying their best.

2. What happened to Ericka was sad. And most of us agree that she was a victim of teenage love. Probably promised with sweet words used by the suspect. For argument sake that there was indeed a friction of love, it is against norms in this country for a 23 year old to have a “relationship” with an 8th grader. If you are a parent of an 8th grade daughter, will you let her have a boyfriend?

3. Ericka’s parents do not own a computer and so they let their children “research” at the computer shops in their neighborhood and part of their research is the social media we all call FACEBOOK. This social media is good for communication, but sometimes it is also being used by evil minded people.

4. LAWS FOR REGULATION on Computer shops should be implemented specially on the time that minors are allowed to use the internet. No minors should be allowed to stay very late at a computer shop.

To those who would like to visit Ericka’s wake, give moral support to her parents and siblings, Share and Help in the funeral expenses, please visit Chapel E at LaPaz Funeral homes until Thursday, August 14, 2014, 5pm. The family will travel to Laguna by Thursday night.

Special thanks to Councilor Joel Alangsab for the assistance and follow-up, The Investigating Police Officers and the entire Baguio City Police for the vigilance, the DSWD case officers for the advises and support, Congressman Aliping for the Aliping Funeral Service Van,  La Paz Funeral homes for the understanding, The Barangay chairmen, kagawads, tanods and residents of Barangays City Camp Proper and Central, Teachers and Students of Pines City National High School, The United Guardians Bayang Pino, The SALAKNIB Guardians City Hall Chapter, PTA Pines National High school,  Parents and supporters. To all of you, thank you. We cannot repay your generosity, but the almighty will. God Bless us all.

Here are some photos of Ericka’s friends and school mates visiting  her wake. Be the judge.


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  1. I am an old graduate of Pines City National High School main and reading this is so sad and heartbreaking.May justice prevail and my condolences to the family of Ericka.May God’s comfort and peace be upon the family in times of grieving.Stay strong and know that you are remembered in thoughts and prayers.

  2. It is so sad knowing that it all started with social media. I guess it’s time to help educate the younger generation on responsible use of social media, and that parent’s should also be informed about this because it is by knowing that we can help protect our children.

  3. My son, my husband,my sister and I are graduates of Pines City national High School we are deeply saddened about this devastating news that happened to a little girl whose dreams are shattered. Our deepest condolences to the family and your family will be on our prayers.

  4. sakura hime says:

    i also am a alumni of pines city national high school, i was shocked and deeply saddened when i heard about this news , i hope justice shall prevail to ericka and may his murderer and alleged boyfriend be jailed already. my condolences and support to the family .. this things should not be happening so to our parents and polices’ out there we need your help!!

  5. Ipahula nyo sa manggagamod. What goes around comes around. Babalik at babalik din yan sa taong gumawa nyan at mas malala pa ang mangyayari sa kanya.

  6. kitong, glen emerich says:

    This is disheartening! condolence to the family of Ericka! No words can ever console your pain…but may God console you at this very difficult time in your life.
    I used to teach and compose graduation songs for Pines City National High School since 2000. My heart is close to that school, its teachers and students…
    May justice prevail!
    Co- parents, teachers and students, let us ever be vigilant…. we hope that everyone will learn from this gruesome incident. Take care everyone and Godbless.

  7. I am not from Pines, but in Baguio City National High in the Arts Program. I was deeply sad upon hearing the news. I thought that is was a joke. But it wasn’t . I offer my condolences, to the family, friends, relatives, and many more close people to Ericka. May justice prevail!

  8. My deepest condolences for the family of Ericka. May God give them the strength to recover from this tragedy and bless them with the justice their daughter deserves.

    This is just so cruel. What kind of being could do this to a 15-year old girl? It’s just too cruel. I have a sister who is just as old as this young lady was and I couldn’t bear the thought that there are monsters out there who are preying after girls her age; soulless creatures who are unfortunately people too taking advantage of the weakness of others, and using social media, too. They’ll get what they deserve one way or the other.

  9. I just read about this while i am browsing my feeds on my facebook wall.. It’s really a shocking news since i graduated from PCNHS main. And also my family lives in City Camp Proper…I am teary eyed while reading the article. How tragic! Mu condolenced to Ericka’s family. Its so frustrating to read news like this, but may this be a lesson to us all. It breaks my heart to know that she is just starting her dreams and such cruel event happend to her. I pray for your family and may justice be served!

  10. Hi Watwatworld. Please blur the faces of the minors in ypur photo. I know you’d understand the reason for this. Thanks.

  11. Death Penalty! This is so Heinous!

  12. justice must be served immediate! on this brutal act

  13. we live today in a corrupted society… that is the inconvenient reality

  14. my heart goes out to the family of the victim. especially the parents. No parent should endure the pain of loosing a Daughter or a Son to such lawlessness. I hope justice prevails.


    My heart also goes out to the suspect. he is a close friend of mine. He was my best student assistant when i was working for the University of Baguio. If it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is guilty of what he is charged of then let justice be done upon him.

  15. elizabeth masangkay says:

    To the Family of Erika my deepest condolences. I am a best friend of Jayson Rebolledo Please lets not condemn Jay for he is a good person i doubt it that he could do such a thing because I’ve known him very well. He is a good person i know it because i tested it many times please lets Just pray and leave it all to God he will find way to find justice for Erika.

  16. elizabeth masangkay says:

    Apologize to all. I was late from the news. I am very to Erika’s family. To jhay how could you do such a thing i thought you believe in God?

  17. elizabeth masangkay says:

    Apologize to all. I was late from the news. I am very sorry to Erika’s family. To jhay how could you do such a thing i thought you believe in God?

  18. To Andrew and Elizabeth, not all devils are transparent in their motives, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to lure, fool and use others for their own benefits. Read up on the internet about what a sociopath is to give you an idea on how their minds work.

  19. Excellent article. I will be dealing with a few of these issues as well..


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    From FB to Murder. Justice for 15 year old Ericka! A lesson to all

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