Kung Fu Restaurant , Techno Hub, Camp John Hay, Baguio City

After weeks of waiting, we finally got to eat at the newly opened Kung Fu Restaurant at Techno Hub, Camp John hay. It was worth the wait.

The Location: This restaurant is located at the “back part” of the Techno Hub center. If you are at the main road, look for Sumo Sam Restaurant and along that side of the building you will see Fog Photo, Kung Fu and Hill Station respectively. The restaurant was cozy and a little bit small. It can accommodate I guess  around 40 people at one time.

The Food: Delicious! We tasted the common “Chinese” spices and the free tea was great as well. We ordered a live 500g crab and they cooked it with perfection. The crab meat was soft and the extra toppings tasted well with rice. Over-all, we had a good dinner at this new Kung Fu Restaurant.

The Prices: A little bit expensive but worth the taste and experience.

I am looking forward to give this restaurant a better review after a second follow up dinner. In the meantime, here are some photos of our Kung Fu Restaurant  experience.

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