Manila’s Well-Known Taxi Fleet Now Equipped with Easy Taxi App

R&E Group, one of Manila’s many taxi fleets, has just announced its partnership with the mobile taxi booking app. The deal has marked Easy Taxi’s 4 months of operations in the country and is likely to change the competitive horizon of taxi booking systems within Metro Manila.

“We are honored to be in partnership with R&E Group” says the official plate handed over to taxi company representatives. As a part of the deal between the both companies, Easy Taxi has installed a permanent booth within the compound of the fleet. Our full time dedicated personnel will be there to assist R&E’s drivers with troubleshooting, smartphone usage, and questions related to passenger treatment. Easy Taxi is also planning to launch regular educational programs for the drivers intended to improve their well-being and skills.

“Partnering with R&E Group will open the door for us to become Manila’s #1 taxi app in terms of number of drivers”, says Mario Berta, Easy Taxi’s local representative. “Having a possibility to acquire hundreds of new drivers is both unique and challenging. That’s why we want to establish a full-time presence at this compound, and make sure that each of our drivers/partners associates himself with our brand; that they are our real evangelists”, he added.

The R&E Group is one of the oldest family-owned businesses in transportation industry in the Philippines. The garage, located in the north-part of Quezon City has its own workshops, automotive finishes, playground, chapels, and accounting department. The garage is a showcase for the well-maintained taxi facility with multiple check-out points, guards, and dispatching systems. The entire area has been renovated and upgraded several times by the business owners, who are proud to own some of the youngest fleets within the entire Metro Manila.

“This partnership will allow our fleet to run more efficiently and will give our drivers more disposable income as well as access to technology they did not have before. Easy Taxi’s commitment to provide education to our drivers will also further extend our already well-known brand to the consumer side”, a representative of the R&E mentioned.

The local inhabitants nearly live on taxi fleet operation, offering food, drinks, and other essentials. In fact, the company existence has permanently changed the surrounding area by improving the infrastructure and standard of living of the locals. By providing additional income and qualifications to the drivers, R&E and Easy Taxi are surely on their way to bring Manila’s taxi transportation industry to world standards.

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    Manila’s Well-Known Taxi Fleet Now Equipped with Easy Taxi App

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    Manila’s Well-Known Taxi Fleet Now Equipped with Easy Taxi App

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