Route 55, The best RIBS and WINGS in Baguio City!

After a rough day at the shop, we decided to treat ourselves with a nice dinner. We went to Techno Hub at Camp John hay but the restaurants were full of tourists. We decided to go to Forest House instead but the waiting list was full. Having no other option, we asked the taxi driver if he can recommend a good restaurant and he suggested Route 55 at Legarda road. And so we went.

At first impression, we thought it was a place for drunkards, party goers or bar hoppers because of the big signage outside of the restaurant. The signage had big pictures of 4×4 Ginebra San Miguel and some other intoxicating drinks and below the pictures was the name of the restaurant. Since we were already there. We just shrugged the impression and went in.

The place was cozy and had the atmosphere of a modern western bar and restaurant. There was an acoustic band playing and as soon as we settled on a table at the far end of the restaurant, someone came with a good smile and took our order (soon we learned that She was one of the owners of Route 55).

This restaurant boasts of serving the best tasting ribs and wings in town and so we had to taste the truth. With the help of the owner, she recommended the best sellers… Ribs! My wife had a combo of Jamaican Jerk Ribs and Garlic Parmesan Wings. I ordered Route 55 Ribs, my son had Fluppy Buttercream Pancake Tower. And a dinner will not be complete without a good cup of coffee and so I ordered Brewed coffee. While waiting, the service crew gave my son pretzels which he readily ate. It took around 15 minutes before our order was served. Damn! It was worth the wait!

First thing, the food was well arranged and had a good presentation. Second, the ribs were so soft and tender that I had no issue chewing the meat. It was so good that I had to close my eyes and just savor the combination of the soft meat, sauce and spices. My wife shared the same remark. The ribs were indeed delicious. It was a good dinner.

We had the opportunity to talk with the owner of Route 55 who happens to be a Chef of a multinational company. He and his wife runs the restaurant during their free time. I’m looking forward to give this restaurant a full review and documentation sometime in the near future but as of now, take my word, this restaurant offers great tasting ribs!

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  1. Hi Sir,

    Thank you for taking the time in writing and sharing your Route 55 experience. We really appreciate it and it was a delight having to serve you and your family. By the way, we’ve shared your blog entry on our online accounts. We hope you don’t mind. We look forward to your next visit sir. Please keep us posted on when.


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    Route 55, The best RIBS and WINGS in Baguio City!

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