Win cool gadgets from KakaoTalk’s Facebook and Twitter contests!

Do you love tweeting your friends and taking wacky shots with them?  If yes, then get a chance to you win cool gadgets from KakaoTalk Philippines’ Facebook and Twitter contests!

Gusto Kita Maging Kakao Contest - final#KakaoKita Twitter Contest

For Tweeps, you just need to follow @KakaoTalkPH on Twitter and like KakaoTalkPH on Facebook.  Then simply tweet who you want to be your Kakao (KakaoTalk chatmate) and tag him or her and @KakaoTalkPH. To complete your post, include the hashtag #KakaoKita.

Sample Tweet: “I want @SarahG to be my Kakao!  You too can invite your friends to @KakaoTalkPH and win an iPad!  #KakaoKita

Qualified entries will be put into a raffle. There will be one winner per week that will be announced on KakaoTalk’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.   Each winner will receive an iPad Mini and KakaoTalk sticker dolls.

Wacky Groupie FB Photo ContestKakao’s Wacky Group Facebook Photo Contest

For Facebook netizens, KakaoTalk introduces “Wacky Groupie photo contest.” Focusing on the value of barkada and our penchant for taking crazy shots, KakaoTalk will give prizes to the wackiest groupie photo submitted.

Join by liking KakaoTalkPH’s Facebook page and following @KakaoTalkPH on Twitter.  Take a wacky groupie photo with your friends and post it on the official KakaoTalkPH Facebook Wall. Add a catchy caption using the hashtag #KakaoTalkWackyGroupie.  Complete your entry by tagging KakaoTalkPH, yourself and your friends in the picture.  Share your photo and encourage your friends to join and like KakaoTalkPH FB page as well as your photo entry.

Winners will be judged on photo impact 50%, caption 20% and likes 30%. One photo will be awarded per week who will received four iPhone 5 or Samsung Note 2 or iPad Mini.

Contest period is from September 7, 2:00 pm to October 7, 2:00 PM.

So what are you waiting for?  Have fun by joining the KakaoTalk Facebook and Twitter contests now!

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