Why I Love Bidding In Pinoy Tiangge

With the rise of the internet, auctions have moved into the mainstream. Items from gadgets, jewelries to services have been put up in various auction sites. As an online seller myself, we have hosted a few auctions to clear out inventories. It’s competitive, perfectly efficient and most importantly a lot of fun.

Aside from participating in auctions as a seller, I also often bid on items I know I might need. I love anything vintage most especially crafting supplies. This time though, I am more interested in  gadgets, gift cards, and appliances . There is only one auction site in the Philippines to find these awesome selections. Pinoy Tiangge! nowhere else.

I haven’t won any major auction yet but I still continue to bid. Just like in any other online auction, bidders face the risk of losing the auction and I have lost multiple times. But that didn’t stop me from bidding again. So why do I still love bidding in Pinoy Tiangge despite having won only once?

Pinoy Tiangge has excellent customer service. They respond to emails really fast and are patient in dealing with customers. I speak from my own personal experience as I’ve sent quite a number of inquiries recently and they did not disappoint. Great product , impressive service! This has to be the top reason I truly love this site.

No obligation to purchase bids. Upon registration, you are given free bids. Patiently log in everyday. Read their emails. You would have accumulated free bids without you even noticing it. However, it wouldn’t hurt to purchase some bid bundles from time to time so you are fully loaded when an item you really want is up for grabs.

I also love the BUY Now Option. Even if you lose, there is a guarantee that you can get your bids back. I lost in an auction so I decided to buy the item. I got the gift card and I got back the bids I spent. Not only did I get the bids back, Pinoy Tiangge doubled it. Make sure to watch out for promo announcements. More often than not, you will always end up in a win-win situation.

1Where there is auction, there is SALE! So gear up and join the fun! Check out Pinoy Tiangge  now. Who knows, this could be your lucky day to score a brand new item for just PISO.

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  1. I am new to this Pinoy Tiangge and still learning and observing how the system goes. When i know it, i would try and experiment participate bidding. I hope i won a good item. 🙂

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