Smart’s PayITForward, helping the world one community at a time

Here is my speech during the PayItForward activity of Smart Communications.


From a personal advocacy, One Nature One Community (ONOC) has now become a social group activity. I am Dean Cuanso, a community servant.

My past experiences and adventures had provided me with a better understanding on how people can help restore or minimize the destruction of the environment. One solution is to involve the community directly to participatein simple environmental activities like tree planting, tree guarding and parenting, eco-walks, seedling gathering and more. People are more likely to support activities that are happy and fun to do like tree planting wherein a family can come and plant their family tree.

Because of the advent of technology, particularly online social media and communication devices, it is now faster to support and promote an idea which leads to the development of an advocacy. But it is the same social media that divides or clusters the community depending on what race, province, language school, organization, city, fraternity or facebook group a person belongs to.And so activities to help our environment are diverse and scattered, sometimes even overlapping like over tree planting in a particular area.

One Nature One Community aims to minimize these scattered activities by calling on all interested individuals, groups, organizations, students and all to join an activity like tree planting and enjoy doing the same thing with members of the  community. Part of the activity is providing proper information on how to plant tree seedlings and how to take care of them as well as the need for follow-ups. Although  I started ONOC, I do not claim ownership or  copyright to it because I believe that the more ONOC activities led by organizations and communities nationwide and  adopting the concept of working together, THE BETTER.

From a simple ONOC activity at the Communal forest of Longlong, Puguis, La Trinidad and attended by less than a hundred participants, ONOC has now  completed10 tree planting activities and planted thousands of tree seedlings in different forest reserves of the province. Today, we continue to look for areas suitable and sustainable for tree planting here in the Cordillera Region. ONOC has become a part of the lives of thousands and hopefully soon, each and every community, city, province will have its own regular ONOC activity. Breaking all barriers.A community working together as one.

ONOC maybe my idea but there would be no working advocacy without the support of my family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, supporters, groups and organizations. To all of you, thank you. Indeed there is no “I” in the word “WE”. There is no use saying “MY” when it is being carried out by “OUR”. Let this be the start of a new social campaign. An advocacy of every community helping mother nature get back to its feet.

I pay it forward… One Nature One Community.





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