Women Entrepreneur Online Summit, A great inspiring day!

DSC_0053After a few months of discovering videologs, this is my come back post and my fingers are a little bit rusty that is why I am enjoying every second of it!

Women 3.0 is a project of Google Business Group (GBG) Baguio and sponsored by Smart, Pldt and Azalea Residences Baguio which aims to inspire women entrepreneurs and by advancing their online knowledge.

The Inspirational talk given by Goshen Land CEO Atty. Alexander Bangsoy was one for the books.  It’s not the first time Iv’e heard his talk but every time is always great and inspirational. Here is a video of his talk. I hope you learn something from it.

Speaker Ms. Binky Divinigracia, a UP Professor discussed how to Communicate and Advertise your product. She said that most of the time, the best endorsers are women and that most online buyers are women. I agree. Another good point is promoting a certain product by using photos instead of descriptive ads. This strategy will entice buyers more.


For five years, Aileen Apollo De Jesus have been working alone in the Philippines for Google .Two years ago she was assigned  in Singapore. She said that the mission of Google is to organize information and share it to the world.  Her topic was about Google and the  importance of time management. She has a very hectic job  that is why every free second  must be enjoyed with her family.

One avid supporter of Google’s projects and   causes is Ms. Eliza Escobar, Hotel Manager of Azalea Baguio.  She has been in the hotel industry for about 13 years and has developed a system of good hospitality service together with her group Enable. One point she shared was the value of working with a team specially when each member shares a common passion.  She said “Good customer service is the ability to deliver what has been promised”. Providing quality service  is a big challenge to every manager that is why a good relationship between the workers and management is a key factor.

Ms. Chelle Gray of Google South East Asia shared the plans of Google. Mr. Jerome Locson discussed the use of the different Google Apps and Ms. Maricar Dabao, GBG Bacolod Manager showed the participants how they used social media and online marketing to promote their tourist spots. Architect Aris Go showed how we can use google in school and business.

The guest speaker, Vice President for Administration of the University of the Cordilleras Dr. Leonarda Aguinalde gave a lively talk about entrepreneurship and the attitude of a good entrepreneur. Atty. Inglay Fokno on the on the other hand discussed how to become a good entrepreneur.


It was a great and inspiring day of learning. The women 3.0 summit was a success.

Thank you to Azalea Residences, PLDT, SMART, and GBG Baguio for sponsoring the event. 🙂


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