One Nature One Community 7, Mt. Atugo, Hingyon, Ifugao

The one nature one community tree planting activity at the municipality of Hingyon was a success!

It was a cold early morning when the group from Baguio city reached Piwong. By day break, Vice mayor Marcos Bantiyan came and we all went to his house for breakfast. By 9:00am, the group proceeded to Mt. Atugo. We were able to plant around 200 seedlings. Lunch was great! Courtesy of Barangay Captain Hangdaan Binwag and the officials of Barangay Bitu. The activity was made possible by the Real Sons and Daughters of Ifugao – WOW – HICC, the Municipal Government of Hingyon, The Barangay Officials and residents of Bitu and volunteers from ONOC – Baguio.

Municipality of Hingyon – Hingyon is a 5th class municipality in the province of IfugaoPhilippines. According to the latest census, it has a population of 10,071 people in 2,063 households. It has 12 barangays namely Anao, Bangtinon, Bitu, Cababuyan, Mompolia, Namulditan, O-ong, Piwong, Poblacion (Hingyon), Ubuag, Umalbong, Northern Cababuyan.

The People: I have heard stories about Hingyon and its people. Most of them portraying a tough or bad image. But during our stay we experienced a friendly accommodation.

The Municipal Hall: It is small. Some Barangay buildings in the city are bigger than Hingyon’s municipal hall. It located on top of a hill which is at least one kilometer from the main highway.

The Host: Vice Mayor Marcos Bantiyan is a down to earth person. His family prepared coffee, snacks and breakfast while we were sharing stories about Mt. Atugo.

The Captain: Barangay Captain Hangdaan Binwag is a one legged man but it did not hinder him from joining the activity. His passion to help the people and his determination to reach the top of the mountain on foot is simply amazing.

The Barangay Council: They looked young but they had the wisdom to speak about environmental issues and the need for tree planting activities. For two weeks they have worked to clear and clean the area for the tree planting activity.

The Seedlings: Around 200 were planted. The seedlings came from the nursery of Ifugao State University.

The Trail: Mt. Atugo is going to be an eco-park destination. There is a small road being developed going up the mountain side while at the same time path ways and trekking routes are being established for the more adventurous ones.

The Planting Ground: The soil was moist and slippery. According to the Barangay officials, the soil is very fertile and everything planted on it has a big chance of survival.

The Mountain: Mount Atugo has one of the best summit I have seen. The peak of the mountain is breathtaking. When on top of it, you will see the surrounding municipalities of the province as well as a view of of one of natures best landscapes in Ifugao.

Here are some  photos taken during ONOC 7.

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