OMK? or OMG2? Baguio’s Latest Art Haven @ Assumption Rd

Two days ago, a new artist haven in Baguio city “formally” opened to the public. As of this writing, I have no idea on what the name of the establishment would be. Jokingly, some people say “OMK”, short for Oh My Karne, brother establishment of OMG, Oh My Gulay which is located on top of the La Azotea Building at Session road. I will still have to wait for the signage to be nailed in front of this unique and artistic coffee shop.

Together with Sir Dong Ho of, we went to visit OMK (I’ll use this in the meantime) this afternoon and we were entertained by no less than the owner Renowned Artist Kidlat Tahimik. Many of the artists call him “tatay” (father), to me, a very cool and funny one šŸ™‚

The entrance of the coffee shop is decorated with fresh flowers. On first sight, you will have this feeling of entering another world, one of those peter pan adventures type. The place is full of art, crap and junk all mixed together to form something beautiful. Many of the art pieces are made out of recycled materials which show Ā the love of the artists for mother nature.

I do not know how to describe the coffee shop, I still have to go back many times to be able to come up with my own term to describe the area. We asked, ordered, and in a few minutes they served our barako coffee. It was late when I noticed that there was a human skull cast just beside our table. It was weird but funny.

We were also able to witness the making of the largestĀ rattanĀ hat. It will be used to roof part of the place (look at pics below). After the super largeĀ rattanĀ hat was hand carried to the top of the building, we had some photo shoots, talked with the artists, then went down to the Ifugao hut to witness the thanksgiving ritual. Ā Before we left, Baguio Artist Jason offered Dong to taste the home made rice wine which Dong gladly accepted.

It was a really exciting afternoon for us. To me, it was unexpected which made it even more interesting. There will be more articles about this place in the near future. I will just have to gather some more info šŸ™‚

While waiting, why don’t you check it out yourself? I will assure you, it is a very unique coffee shop. One of a kind, found only in Baguio City.

Somewhere along Assumption Road, Baguio City


kwatros artistas

Tribute to Jose Rizal

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  1. missionary!!! :Di like the concept of how God did put the muneortisfs of paul and silas and then turned them into a corporate prayer meeting/worship night. more amazing was the spiritual rebirth of the guard and his whole family.i imagine pastor jackie giving out his preaching with high energy and enthusiasm plus a bunch of laughter. also, with those jokes and energy lie the convictions and encouragements from the Spirit that he tries to impart. i wish i went there.well, this may be another good-bye from us here, since you will be going again (if ever). our prayers will go with you, my friend, my ading. šŸ˜€

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