Azalea Residences, sweeter the second time around

After weeks of paper work and sleepless nights, We decided to have a breather and treat ourselves with a two day “vacation”. We decided to go back to Azalea Residences located at Leonard Wood loop, just opposite of the road going to Teachers Camp, Baguio City. We have stayed at  Azalea sometime in April 2012 and the experience was good. We were hoping to see if there were additional improvements, and there are.

First thing, the hotel is already fully operational and all the floors were already finished. When we arrived, a hotel staff came to carry our bags. Upon entering the main door, We were given complimentary juice drinks served in a nice glass while waiting for our room to be fixed. The check-in was fast. After 5 minutes, we were already at our Delux room.

As a reviewer, my first reaction was to see the beauty of the room, document/photograph every angle and look at the bathroom before anything else. The room was cozy at it has a cute balcony. The bed was neatly arranged and the pillows and blanket were soft and warm. The room is like a small apartment.  It has a big flat screen TV, refrigerator, oven, electric touch screen stove, coffee maker, money vault, ironing bed, hair dryer, kitchen utensils and more!

After the initial review, we settled in, my son watched TV while eating coco crunch, my wife prepared dinner and as usual, i went around the hotel taking pictures. Azalea is a real treat for a family who are looking for a place to spend a quiet moment. Here are some of the photos.

For a more detailed review of Azalea Residences, visit this link :

Azalea Residences is the freshest addition to the flourishing hospitality industry in the Philippines.
We offer the brand of convenience and amenities of top hotels overseas yet maintaining the natural texture and traditional character of the Philippines.

Azalea Residences serves you the best of what this beautiful archipelago of 7,107 islands has to offer
— a Holiday Haven!


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