Second Philippine PINE TREE Festival’s Schedule of Activities (Dec 14 & 15)

(PLEASE SHARE THE FESTIVAL SCHEDULE) Here is the schedule of activities for the second Philippine Pine Tree Festival that will be held at La Trinidad, Benguet on December 14 and 15, 2012. Everybody is invited to join and participate in the event. Attention all members,  friends, supporters and lover of trees, we are inviting you to join us for the Pine Tree Festival PARADE on December 14, Friday, 7am from KM5 Municipal Hall to San Jose Church, KM6. All tree and nature lovers are invited to attend. To  ONOC participants, just look for our One Nature One Community banner. Thanks! See you there!

December 14-15, 2012oo

  • First Day (Dec 14, 2012, AM):
  • 7:00-8:00      Assembly (In front of McDo, Km 5, La Trinidad, Benguet); c/o Mr. Ricky Paiberas, Mr.Victor Ciriaco, BSU-NSTP-ROTC
  • 8:00-9:00    a. Festival Parade (Km. 5, La Trinidad to San Jose High School Gym);                               “
  •                          b. Opening of Photo-Exhibit (San Jose High School Ground); c/o Dr. Grace Bengwayan, Manding, San Jose CAT, CEC      Staff
  • 9:00-12:00     Opening Program:
  •                          a. Film showing of First Cordillera Pine Tree Festival- c/o Dobbels Wallang
  •                          b. Festival Prayer – Fr. Benedict Castaneda
  •                          c.  Pambansang Awit- PNP Band
  •                          d.  Welcome Remarks- Sister Corazon Mabudyang
  •                          e. Festival Rationale –Dr. Michael Bengwayan
  •                           f. Message – Hon. Mayor Gregorio Abalos
  •                           g. 1st Intermission – DKK
  •                           h. Message- Hon. Gov. Nestor Fongwan
  •                           I. Message –Hon. Cong. Ronald Cosalan
  •                           j. 2nd Intermission –Open Space
  •                           k. Introduction of Guest Speaker – Mr. Sammy Laruan
  •                           l. Inspirational Talk – Mr.Gregorio P. Jabonillo, Vice president for HEDCOR-Aboitiz
  •                          m. Awarding of First Cordillera Pine Tree Eco-Warrior –
  •                          n. 3rd Intermission – Wangal Elementary School
  •                          o. Acknowledgement & Closing Program – Engr. Oliver Masillem
  • 12:00-1:30       Canao/Tayao Tan Sarong  c/o Kgd. Arthur Shontogan, Caballeros, Kabenguetan group
  • 1:00- 5:00 PM 
  •                               a. Literary Competition; c/o Ms. Jane Cadia, Sonn Fernandez, Joy Hafalla, CEC Staff
  •                                   -Poem Writing –
  •                                   -Song Writing with Notes – Mr. Carlo Altomonte
  •                                   -Feature Writing – Mr. Delmar Carino
  •                               b. Battle of the bands – Mr. Carlo Altomonte, Mr. Felix Tayaotao,  Mr. Palmer Demot, Mr. Dobbels Wallang
  •                               c. Night Market – Kgd. & Mrs. Shontogan, CEC Staff
  • 6:00 -9:00        Concert -to be held at BSU Shimomura Park – Mr. Felix Tayaotao/Mr. Carlo Altomonte
  • Second Day : December 15
  • 8:30 AM            Open forum on environmental issues by selected political candidates
  • PM                      a. Travel to Longlong Forest
  •                             b. Family Forest Run – c/o Ricky, Dobbels & Paran
  •                             c. Horseback Riding – Kgd. Arthur Shontogan & Caballeros
  •                             d. Mushroom Hunting – Dr. Michael Bengwayan
  •                             e.  Photography Contest – Engr. Oliver Masillem, Engr. Paul Masillem, Mr. Dean Cuanso, Mr. Lus Tung, Mr. Carl Carino
  •                                  Taawan,  Mr. Kurt Sebio
  •                             f.  On-the-spot painting for the Typhoon Pablo victims – Mr. Art Tibaldo, Mr. Bombo Villanueva , Mr. Lus Tung
  •                             g. Tree Planting – Ricky, Dobbels, Paran, Ralph
  •                             h. Mini concert – Mr. Felix Tayaotao, Mr. Carlo Altomonte
  • Third Day:  Dec  19
  •                                Awarding of Contest Winners at the Puguis Communal Forest.
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