Cucinino Pasta and Salad @ 4rth flr,posta vaga building

While walking around Porta Vaga Bldg in Session Road, Baguio City, my little boy and I decided to try this new snack booth named Cucinino. First thing I noticed on the menu were the affordable prices. It seemed that the amount was made for students.

The booth is not big but it can cater to at least 20 dine-ins and unlimited take-outs. The food was regular just like those found in other restaurants and snack houses.  But if there is one thing that I liked was the mint tea. It was as fresh mint as it can be and it was not too sweet like other regular iced teas.

The bread was good, the filling was good and the mint tea was superb! I was not about to feature this establishment but when I tasted the fresh mint tea I ordered, it changed the story. I pulled out my Camera and started to take pictures of the tea then the booth itself.

When we were about to leave, students came and ordered pasta and drinks, I think this snack booth could really do well if it will target the student market.

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