Burnham Park Sex Scandal and Sex Scandal As Top Pinoy Keyword Search

burnham park sex scandalThere is a new sex scandal in town. According to the radio news, a taxi driver and a young woman was allegedly caught in the act of having steamy sex inside the taxi which was parked in Burnham Park, Baguio City. Sadly, they were caught on video. Details are still sketchy but this was already aired in  Bombo Radyo. Knowing Filipinos, the video will soon finds its way into the online video scandal industry.

Having a blog opens a whole new world of understanding the behavior of men especially in search phrases and keywords. We have monitored the online traffic of this blog for two months. A lot of traffic comes from the links posted in Facebook and when I haven’t posted any new article, my blog traffic comes from search engines like google. Below are the top 5 searches landing on this website:

1. Sex scandals and Sex videos

2. Filipino / Filipina/ Philippine sex scandal

3. Luneta Hostage Taking

4. Bekimon

5. Myrick Hilario

Here are some snap shots of those searches. The words in pink are the keywords that landed up in this blog:

I have written articles about sex video scandal MINUS the video itself. The articles are more of a criticism why sick minded people have to record their sexual act in videos, especially for those who are not married. One article also speaks about media playing the largest role why sex video scandals are becoming more searchable in the internet. That is the reason why I have sex video scandal keywords and as a blogger it is also used in search engine optimization. Nevertheless, I did not believe on the “sex keywords” until I saw it in my own live traffic.

Looking at the place of origin or country where the live traffic using the keywords “sex etc…” comes from, those countries are full of Filipino workers. I don’t know, maybe they are lonely or something or it might just be coincidence.

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  1. i came from baguio city and am familiar to that bad activities..if its not sex,its a hold -up or even worse..rape!!!

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