Is The Albay Hospital Sex Video Scandal Real?

Bombo Radyo made a follow-up news on the Albay hospital sex video scandal. This time the news said that the nurse involved in the sex scandal is ashamed to go out of her house and afraid that her nursing license will be taken away from her by Nursing Board officials.

According to the news, the man is a medical representative while the woman is a nurse working at the hospital. Because of their busy work schedule they hardly have time for romance so when they thought hey had a good chance to do it, they did it at the comfort room of the hospital. But alas! There was a peeping tom with a celphone on his hand recording the hot action.

After a few days, the sex video scandal spread all over Albay and caught the interest of Bombo Radyo for a national news. I will post this article as is with the title “Albay hospital sex video scandal” and monitor the keyword searches for this video scandal. The last time Bombo radyo delivered the news about the Iloilo sex scandal, it made the video more interesting and worth searching in the internet. Some keywords used to search the video scandal are “bombo iloilo sex scandal”.

Honestly, I like listening to this radio station especially in the 6:00 – 6:30 pm prime time news. They never fail to have a naughty news appetizer like treasurers office sex scandal, Iloilo sex scandal and lately Albay sex scandal.

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