Ilo-ilo Working student sex scandal “ignited”

Ilo-ilo Working student sex scandal – ignited

It seems when it comes to sex scandal videos, the Philippines is on top of the list. The latest sex video that is gaining popularity according to the Bombo Radyo nationwide news (6pm,080510) is Iloilo sex scandal involving a “working student”. I have to admit I searched for the video file online because it was mentioned on the news. Where it not for the new, I will not waste my time searching for it.

Sometimes I blame the media for blowing up an issue and adding injury and insult to the victims. I remember the Quezon City sex scandals. Yes it was already sold on the streets of Quiapo and Recto but it was not yet known nationwide. When Mike Enriquez exposed the anomalies behind the video and the case filed in 24 Oras national prime time news, the Quezon city sex scandal became a national hit. People from all over the Philippines would like to watch the video – at the expense of the victims. This is the same with the national news made by Bombo radyo yesterday. It made Ilo-ilo sex scandal more “searchable” online.

According to the news, the video was called working student sex scandal because you can hear the woman on the video asking for P1,500. Many listeners would allege that the amount was for her tuition fee.

Many will argue that the “victim” should not have allowed the taking of a video because of its potential to be leaked online. Ok, fine. That can be argued. But how about those sex scandal videos taken secretly at the expense of the victims? It is wrong to take videos while having sex. It is worst to leak the sex video online. But it is more damaging to expose the presence of the video in a form of a news.

It is true that there are thousands of sex scandal videos all over the internet and even an unsupervised child can search for at watch these videos. But there is a big difference between “simple search” and “search in interest”. The former just plain searching and the latter is “searching because of interest”. This is most likely because of media over-exposure.

I admit I am also guilty of igniting interest on this sex scandal because of this post but I am writing this to appeal to the media practitioners not to over expose sex scandal videos because unlike the regular political, showbiz, business, lifestyle news… sex scandal videos as news is more interesting especially among the younger internet savvy generation.

Simply put, what will interest you… the news about the steamy sex video of Hayden and Katrina or a news of an oil spill in the waters of the Philippines? The ilo-ilo sex scandal or the increase on the price of sugar?

Maybe the KBP or whoever or whatever media organization should look on this argument.

Just a thought… peace!

If you share the same sentiment regarding the over – exposure of these kinds of videos, fell free to share this link.

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  1. Now that you mentioned it, I’m all over the Internet searching for a copy of the video….lol

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